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School to Prison Pipeline

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Recently in Language Arts, we have been learning about a “School to Prison Pipeline.” It’s a metaphor to describe juvenile students and how they’re most likely to go to prison. It also describes the link between dropping out of high school and going to prison. Studies show 58% of youth will go to state prison and even a smaller percent will go to federal.

Schools are trying to prevent the problem but it is not working. According to, “When one student is causing a classroom disruption, the traditional way to address the issue has been removal – whether the removal is for five minutes, five days or permanently. Separating the “good” students and the “bad” ones has always seemed the fair, judicious approach. On an individual level this form of discipline may seem necessary to preserve the educational experience for others.”

Basically, it’s becoming harder and looked down upon for a teacher or principal to suspend a student from their class or school. So how will we keep order in our schools? Officials are still trying to figure that out because this “School to Prison Pipeline” needs to end.

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School to Prison Pipeline