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Staff Needs Wake-Up Call

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Do some staff administrators seem unnecessarily rude to you, even if you’re a good student? Like they always have an attitude and treat you badly even if you haven’t done anything? But then at the same time they baby the students who get in trouble 24/7? That’s how some students at Bret Harte feel. It seems as if some staff just have it out for us.

For example, one time my friends and I were sitting inside of the auditorium (because it was a rainy day in lunch) on chairs and then a staff member rudely stormed over to my friend and told her to get out of her chair. At first, she didn’t understand because we were all sitting and that’s when the staff member snapped rudely, “Did I stutter?” and practically pulled my friend out from her chair. Then instead of walking away she said, “Didn’t you see that this chair was for P.E, can’t you read?” My friend explained that the chair was turned around and she didn’t see the sign and then the staff member rolled her eyes and stomped off, mumbling to herself. Keep in mind that this is an important staff member and isn’t just some teacher. They’re actually positioned to be in the office, which is surprising to me. Usually office workers are supposed to be kind since they work with a lot of people, not blow a gasket because someone didn’t hear what they said.  

Another example with the same staff member, is when they came into my class to deliver work to the sub since my teacher was absent. I was already annoyed and tired because it was first period and we had about ten things to do on the that we had to finish in about thirty minutes, so I wasn’t in the mood. I told them that we didn’t have enough time to finish all the assignments and most of the students agreed with me, then the staff member totally went sour. They glared at me, practically lectured me about how I was ‘lazy,’ and told me that I was going to get the work done either way unless I wanted to fail my class.

It seems like anywhere that some staff members go, they stomp in and then yell at everyone in the room. Then, they go blame it on anyone they come in contact with. It’s not the students’ fault that some staff woke up on the wrong side of the bed. They’re the ones who decided to become teachers, so maybe it would be nice to for them to at least act like they enjoy their job.

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Staff Needs Wake-Up Call