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The Lost Hero Book Review

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The Lost Hero is an outstanding book written by Rick Riordan that contains action, mystery, and romance. This story is also a continuation of the Percy Jackson series but is more focused on Roman Mythology rather than Greek.


The book starts off with the Jason, the main character, not knowing where he is or who he is. All he knows is that he’s stuck on a school bus traveling to a museum with people he doesn’t know. He forgets who his girlfriend Piper is, his best friend Leo, and all of the other students sitting with him on the bus.


Through the next few pages, they finally get off the bus and go into the  museum. Once they’re inside, a storm spirit who was disguised as a classmate attacks them but luckily Percy and Annabeth (who are from the Percy Jackson series) come to the rescue. They take Jason, Piper, and Leo to Camp Half Blood where they find out they’re Demigods. From there, they go on an epic adventure to find out who they really are.
I really liked this book because it starts of with a lot of action that catches your intention. It also has a very good plot that is filled with twists and turns. Every time you predict something is going to happen, it goes completely off the rail. All in all, The Lost Hero is another book success by Rick Riordan.

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The Lost Hero Book Review