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P.E Going too Far?

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Recently, two well-known P.E. teachers have been on a long break from their classes. During their absence, there have been many odd changes in how P.E. operates. For example, students must be on their numbers before the bell rings, and once roll is taken they’re allowed to go get dressed. That seems to make the P.E. process slower, because usually students just get dressed and go on their numbers.


Another odd change is the warmups. There has been a new exercise added and a new way to count. For example, instead of saying “1, 2, 3, 1, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 3” students must now spell out the school mascot, “B, E, A, R, S, Bears.” It’s not that big of a deal, but just really unnecessary. Most students get confused and count instead of spell, due to the fact they’re so used to counting. And now after students are finished doing their pushups, they must do another exercise called ‘Thrillers.’ Basically, the process is: you do calf raises; you jump up and down ten times; then you do ten splitters; after that, you do half of a jumping jack; next do a full jumping jack; and then you repeat the whole process just backwards. Now, this whole ordeal definitely wastes P.E time. There’s really no point in doing that exercise if we already have jumping-jacks in our warmup.


Not to mention, Ms. Fauntleroy also has all the classes group up and say the ‘Student Creed’ and if it’s not perfect, we repeat it over and over again. By the time this is usually done, we only have about fifteen minutes to head down to the lower black top and have free time. Ten minutes actually, if you count having to gather up all the equipment and making sure all students are seated. So that leaves us with about two minutes to get dressed once we head back up.


So hopefully, when the P.E teachers come back things will go back to normal because this ‘new process’ is very time consuming and confusing.


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P.E Going too Far?